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[1992-10-31-WCW-Saturday Night] King of Cable feature


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The lack of mustache does absolutely nothing for Rude. He's aged at least five years overnight.


Jake's been many things over the years, but overconfident's not one of them. Why do I think he's going to do a rather decisive job for Dustin here?


Did Atlas even show up to wrestle Vader? I had no idea that Watts brought him in at this time.


Sting's promos are what they are. If you want logic and flawless elocution, go watch old Nick Bockwinkel stuff.


If this was a tournament to determine the best wrestler on TBS, why were the finals held at Starrcade, which was most assuredly not on TBS? Probably for the same reason that the TV title was always defended on untelevised house shows. In other words, logic need not apply.

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