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[1992-10-31-WCW-Saturday Night] Michael Hayes, Bobby Eaton and Paul E. Dangerously


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Michael Hayes is much better as a manager than he was a worker at this point. But watching Paul E. being put on the sides is depressing. Not as depressing as the horrible Bobby Eaton vs Erik Watts match that followed though. One of the worst Eaton match I've seen.

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Is there an odder trio in wrestling than Michael Hayes, Paul Heyman, and Bobby Eaton? If so, I'd like to know where I can find them. Or maybe I don't, come to think of it.


So Hayes is the master strategist now, is he? If that's his job, then what's Heyman supposed to do? I could understand if Hayes was there as Paul's bodyguard or personal assistant, but being a strategist is supposedly 90% of being a manager. If we didn't know that Paul was being phased out behind the scenes, I'd have no idea what to make of this pair at all. Maybe they could have said that Paul had always wanted to be a Freebird!


Boy, they were pushing Erik hot and heavy here. Nice touch to bring up the old Cowboy/Freebirds feud from the UWF, but how many WCW fans even knew what that was all about six years later?


Who was the punk who wrestled Erik from the week before that Heyman was referring to?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-10-31-WCW-Saturday Night] Michael Hayes, Bobby Eaton and Paul E. Dangerously

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