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[1992-12-18-AAA-Sin Limite] El Hijo del Santo & Eddy Guerrero & Lizmark vs Fuerza Guerrera & Marabunta & Jerry Estrada


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Been awhile since we've seen action from Mexico. Estrada's ring gear is spectacular, as he literally wrestles in his big glittery ring jacket the whole way through. I wouldn't call this one of the high-end lucha matches of the year but it's a lot of fun, especially the third fall. But I thought the technicos brought just as much as the rudos here. I especially liked them going all puroresu-style on Fuerza: Eddy takes him out with an exploder suplex and then they pummel him with a bunch of sick double-teams. Then they follow up with a tremendous dive sequence, both for the dives themselves and the rudos' insane bumping out to the floor, eventually leaving Fuerza alone to get taken out by Lizmark for the win. For all the hype and financial success AAA has gotten in '92 the promotion has been a disappointment from an in-ring standpoint, at least once they were out of L.A. But this was a good way to close the year for them.

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Pretty funny that ring entrances and music in Mexico are basically the same today as in 1992. Slow start with Fuerza/Eddy and then Lizmark/Estrada. Lots of exchanging holds on the mat with an amateur feel, with nothing having much impact. Santo still feels like such a bigger deal here compared to everyone else. The 2nd fall has a quicker pace and more intensity with an Eddy quebradora on the floor taking out Estrada, Lizamark/Fuera exchanging holds and tosses in a nice sequence with Fuerza doing his heel schtick in the face corner. Fuerza nails Eddy with a low blow he sells as death. Santo suplexes Eddy onto Fuerza in a cool spot. A little long but fun characters.



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As usual, I didn't get much out of this. I recognized everyone just fine, so that's one good thing, but after the first fall (which was decent) there was just too much chaos. I had trouble following what was supposed to be going on, and I missed the second decision completely. I'm pretty sure I also missed the third decision as well.


Also, the rudos spent too much time trying to unmask Del Santo and Lizmark. I know that's a big heel move in Mexico, but it's sort of boring to watch when you the viewer know perfectly well that either the refs are going to pull the rudo in question off or the other face (in this case, Eddie) is going to make the save.


Finally, what is it with luchadores and ludicrous no-selling lately? I saw Estrada completely no-sell a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Lizmark on the floor. He just got up and walked away as if nothing had happened, although he did grab his back for about a quarter of a second just before he got back into the ring. It was like he was thinking, "Gosh, I really should have sold that. Oh, well, too late now. I'll just grab my back for a second and hope the camera catches it." (By the way, what mental giant told him that he'd look good wrestling in his ring jacket?)


I'm starting to accept the fact that trios is the one style I'll probably never understand completely, but it doesn't help when a match has problems like the ones I just described.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-12-18-AAA-Sin Limite] El Hijo del Santo & Eddy Guerrero & Lizmark vs Fuerza Guerrera & Marabunta & Jerry Estrada

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