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[1992-12-28-WCW-Starrcade '92] Interview: Rick Rude


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The legit story is that Rude was suffering from a bulging disc in his neck, the same injury that has kept him out of action since suffering it on 12/9. While the injury occurred more than two weeks back, WCW officials so I'm told didn't know Rude wouldn't be able to work until 12/26. I suppose it would have been possible to get the change on the Sunday show, although it would have required extreme last minute effort like putting a crawl on the screen since the show was probably completed a few days beforehand. You can argue whether or not it was feasible when a main event world title match on a PPV is changed but I've got to believe it was possible and should have been done. Rude, who from all indications, despite what has been heavily rumored and reported just about everywhere, was not going to win the title from Simmons, will be out of action for an estimated eight weeks. It was pretty well said on the show that the U.S. title will be vacated because of his injury and either Rick Steamboat or Dustin Rhodes will win the title in the tournament, and you've got to figure with Steamboat holding the tag title, who the natural next champion will be. I'll assume Rude won't return until the 2/27 PPV show.

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Regardless of what was going on behind the scenes, it was a classy move to let Rude come out and cut a promo explaining (in kayfabe terms, at least) the situation at hand. I know a lot of promotions who would have simply said that Rude left because he was afraid of Simmons or because Vader beat him up in a parking lot or whatever other reason they thought they could get the fans to swallow, It's just a shame that Rude apparently never regained his momentum after he returned, because he was the best overall heel in the company this year, although Jake would have surpassed him if he'd stayed.


Dustin as the next U.S. champion, huh? I guess I could see that, although he's still talked about as a youngster with a lot to learn on television. Steamer might have been a better choice, but what would they have done with the tag titles?


JR's facial expressions almost ruined this. Under the circumstances, would it have been too much to ask for him not to do his usual "This is such heel bullshit" face? This injury was legit, even though they were trying their best to salvage what they could onscreen. Jesse should have just interviewed him one-on-one. I did like JR's reference to Jesse being mayor of Brooklyn Park, though.


Interesting that they just so happened to use the date of the next Clash (1/23) as Rude's cutoff date to defend the US title rather than giving him the full thirty days. Jesse has a point, but it wouldn't have mattered, either in kayfabe or real life, since the best case for Rude at the time was a return at SuperBrawl in late February.

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