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Is the block logo now illegal too?


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I notice that in some recent WWE Magazine issues, in the classic pictures they have taken to editing out the old WWF block logo along with the Attitude Era scratch logo. What happened? Is this part of the 2011 rebranding from World Wrestling Entertainment to WWE? Did the Pandas come down on them again for whatever reason? (If they did, I would imagine it would be over using the block logo as part of Old School Raw last year)


More importantly, how goes it with the classic footage on DVD and on Classics on Demand? Are they still keeping the block logo in as well as the words "World Wrestling Federation"? (since the rebranding, I mean) I guess I'll live with the editing of the magazines if the matches are still intact as possible.

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I know for a while they'd been using a bastardized block logo for legends material, but the old school RAW had the original block logo intact.

Yes, the "Word Life" W.


I did mention the Old School usage, and wasn't it seen on Raw Roulette on the Punk "shoots" show? That makes it curious as to why it has now disappeared in the magazines. Is it intact on current Classics on Demand programming, and the newest DVDs?

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IIRC, some local indy had "Superstars of Wrestling" trademarked, I think they actually did it at some point after the WWF show started. They sued over rights, WWF lost since the paperwork was all in the indy's favor. The logo gets blurred on any reshowings and I'm pretty sure it's why the show was renamed "WWF Superstars" at some point before it ended.

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