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[1995-01-07-SMW-TV] Cactus Jack & Tracy Smothers vs Chris Candido & Boo Bradley / Interview: Cactus Jack


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This announcer is seriously creeping me out. Blink, dude.


Finish of a house show match to set up Boo's face turn. Candido blames Boo for the loss and slaps him around after and Boo fights back, but Tammy is holding Boots the Cat hostage and runs off to kill him. What the fuck? I'm guessing the '94 yearbook will make me see this angle as something more than a feud over a cat in what is supposed to be an old school territory. Right now, this feels very Bobby Heenan kidnaps Matilda.


Candido and Tammy do a fun promo explaining that Tammy has been suspended, and then we see a Cactus promo from Boots' grave. Okay, so this is oddly enjoyable, but it still feels like a WWF angle.

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Bradley ends up squashing Candido by accident allowing Cactus to get the pinfall. Puss in Boots is no more and no longer a part of this life according to the announcer. Kind of thing that could really upset the younger audience.

Not even the kids are going to believe there actually was a cat in the bag.

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Pro-shot ending of the match we saw at the end of the '94 Yearbook, but here we get the post-match. Chris turns on Boo and Tammy stuffs Boots the Cat in a burlap sack and runs off to throw him off a bridge. Eventually Boo rescues the sack (after a convenient backstage switch) but once again Tammy's trusty hairspray comes out, and Candido drops a leg from the top turnbuckle onto the sack. This is done better than Earthquake squashing Damian but is still a pretty over-the-top and unnecessary way to turn Boo babyface considering how blatant the writing was on the wall almost from the moment he debuted. Mark Curtis and the Power Ranger (!!) are of no comfort to Boo, but Cactus Jack returns to offer his support.


I'm a cat person myself, so this hits a little closer than a snake being squashed or even Al Snow's dog being cooked off-camera. Everyone plays their role well, but this is getting very close to the Terri Runnels miscarriage angle that Cornette hated so much, for similar reasons.


This results in Tammy Fytch being suspended, presumably to go to the WWF and start doing the Live Event News segments. But Cactus Jack successfully petitions SMW to keep Candido so that Boo can strike a blow for those who have been used and abused.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-01-07-SMW-TV] Cactus Jack & Tracy Smothers vs Chris Candido & Boo Bradley / Interview: Cactus Jack

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