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[1995-03-04-WCW-Saturday Night] Vader and Hulk Hogan


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Finish of a Vader/Patriot match. Vader goes to powerbomb Patriot and Hogan runs in with a strap and starts choking Vader out. Flair tries to make the save and Jimmy Hart pulls his leg. Flair ends up chasing Jimmy Hart away. The Nasty Boys and Duggan run in to pull Hogan off of Vader. The idea of Vader getting any heat on Hogan in this feud must have been too radical.


We close out with Tony Schiavone interviewing Hogan.

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The fact that this feud drew as well as it did. I think you have to put down to the aura that Vader still possessed and how much people still believed in him.


Because nothing in the booking of it presented Vader as a threat to Hogan and made you belive that he was going to beat him.


I think those first two years in WCW were the absolute low point for Hogan. As bad as he may have been at some points in the WWF he still had Vince exerting some sort of control over him. In WCW he ran roughshod over Bischoff and in turn the roster, which did nobody, including himself any favors.

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