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[1995-07-23-WWF-In Your House II] Diesel vs Sid (Lumberjack)


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Blink and you'll mess Erik Watts among Tekno Team 2000 in the crowd of babyface lumberjacks. Triple H is in full tuxedo regalia while everyone else is in their in-ring gear or street clothes, which is pretty amusing.


We pick up just after Mabel attacked Diesel on the floor, setting up the biggest groaner PPV main event in company history, probably still to this day. Diesel kicking out of the power bomb is built up to as the ultimate last-ditch comeback. Too bad we already fucking saw him do that one In Your House ago. Shawn hits Sid with a dive off the turnbuckle and Diesel cuts off the Corporation, who jump in to attack him ninja-style (one at a time). Sid doesn't even get the dignity of going down to the Jackknife, as Diesel puts him down with a big boot that doesn't even connect. Horrible on just about every level.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-07-23-WWF-In Your House II] Diesel vs Sid (Lumberjack)
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Looking at the lumberjack gives us a rare chance to see some of the worst gimmicks that the New Generation had to offer. We've got Mantuar, Tekno Team 2000, and Man Mountain Rock. We also have Triple H making his debut PPV appearance as one of the heel lumberjacks. The match opens with the usual lumberjack spots. Each wrestler takes a tumble to the outside and they get mauled for a few seconds. The actual action inside the ring was even more basic than Sid and Diesel's last title match. It's just a whole lot of punching and kicking and not much else. Diesel is coming into this with an injured elbow, but Sid never works on it. The only entertaining thing Diesel did was take an insane dive over the top rope onto the heel lumberjacks. I wasn't expecting that from him! Mabel attacks Diesel on the outside, setting up their Summerslam snoozefest. Shawn takes a big dive from the top turnbuckle and clears out a lot of the lumberjacks. HBK is more over than Diesel at this point. Much like their first singles encounter, they were smart enough to keep this short. If they went out there and tried to wrestle a 20+ minute match, then I would definitely give this a much lower rating. ★½

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Saw there was 20 minutes left on the PPV and they hadn't even made their entrances yet.  At least it won't be long.  123 Kid was a lumberjack, guess he wasn't too hurt taking the second rope piledriver earlier in the night.  The match was pretty boring and Sid looked especially terrible.  Only highlight was a huge dive by Diesel onto the heel lumberjacks.  A very rough looking big boot by Diesel gets the win.  Post match featured a Kliq celebration in the middle of the ring with HBK, Nash, Hall, and Waltman giving the Wolfpack hand signal.

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