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[1995-09-11-WWF-Raw] Davey Boy Smith vs Razor Ramon


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Last few minutes. Not much heat for this considering that Razor should have been hot coming off the great match at Summerslam and Davey Boy has just turned and been repackaged. A ref bump leads to Dean Douglas running in. 1-2-3 Kid comes out to try to stop him and gets hung out to dry and punched in the face. Kid comes back in to splash Davey Boy, Kid misses and splashes Razor and Davey Boy wins by DQ. Even though Kid and Razor are getting beaten down here, it's telling that Davey Boy is the top heel and Douglas has a run-in to theoretically put heat on him, yet Razor isn't doing a clean job to him when he needs momentum, Douglas is an afterthought, and the big takeaway is the Kid/Razor dissension. Height of the Clique stuff, I suppose.


Post-match, Kid and Razor have an argument, with Kid saying Razor always treats him like a little kid and doesn't give him any respect, so he wants a match next week so he can beat him again.

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Height of the Clique stuff, I suppose.

I guess so too. mid 95 to mid 96 was probably when the Clique was at its worst. Derailing guys like Bam Bam, Candido, Douglas (oh, see the link for what's to come in 98 ?), Shawn not doing job for the IC title while groomed for the WWF title...


I didn't think the Bulldog clicked that well as heel back then, and certainly not as a top spot heel.

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Bulldog hasn't quite put it together as a heel yet, though that's to be expected. Kid gets pretty emasculated here, getting his ass kicked by the Dean, then by the Bulldog, and then even by Cornette. (No tennis racket shots allowed, you can't help but notice). And yes, this really need a pinfall loss by Razor, even one by screwjob, if they were going to seriously push Bulldog as a title challenger. A frustrated Kid goes back to his initial victory over Ramon, and challenges Razor to a match next week. Razor talks up his ladder match in a very early-'00s indy moment that I didn't care for. This is far from a great segment, though I do like all the intertwining juggled storylines. I suspect the hand of Watts.

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This wasn't much but man is Lawler's talking all over the interview annoying. Funny at times but annoying.


Not funny at all to me. It wasn't a particularly engaging interview to begin with and Jerry coming in and taking potshots left and right seemed very attention-grabbing. Heenan would do the same thing but a bit more economical on delivery so you wouldn't lose your total attention from the interview.


I think the word "pooper scooper" is used about 5 times between Lawler and McMahon during this match. The cutesy way the announcers would talk sometimes was pretty grating.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-09-11-WWF-Raw] Davey Boy Smith vs Razor Ramon
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