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[1994-06-18-SMW-TV] Rock & Roll Express and Tammy Fytch


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The Rock & Roll Express have a gift to Tammy Fytch to apologize for what they did the week before and they leave a wrapped present for her. It ends up being Bambi, who jumps out and attacks Fytch. How did she stay in there and breathe? And why did Tammy really think this was going to be a great gift? Silly segment.

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Ricky Morton says that all week he and Robert have been thinking about what they did to Tammy Fytch last week and it’s not really the way you should treat a lady. To make up for it they’ve bought this present for her (they have a large box which is all wrapped up with them) and he knows that she probably doesn’t want to come out and collect it after what did happen, but they’ll leave it here for her just in case she does .


Tammy Fytch us out with Brian Lee and Chris Candido and Primetime has now dyed his hair brown for the Undertaker angle in the WWF. Tammy is rather excited as there’s nothing she loves more than receiving presents and believes that the Rock & Roll Express must have come to their senses. They must have realised how much they do actually love her and what a wonderful girl she is! She thinks it might be a television or a microwave, but Candido and Lee tell her to be careful after what they did to her last week. As Fytch starts to open it, Bambi pops out of the box, grabs Tammy and starts shaking her (you would have thought she would have learned her lesson after last week!). Lee and Candido free her from Bambi’s grasp before the Rock & Roll Express are out to make sure that they don’t attack her.


Morton says that every time they wrestle Chris Candido and Brian Lee it seems like Tammy Fytch sticks her nose in the ring. If she wants to get in the ring so bad, now that they’ve got Bambi in their corner, they’re going to have themselves some six person tags.

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