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[1994-06-25-SMW-TV] Interview: Terry Funk


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The biggest difference between Tennessee and Texas is that Texas produces good athletes. The people of Tennessee are terrible people. Terry has never been the most coherent promo, but his delivery always feels sincere. I like this one a lot.

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Funk says that he looks at Tennessee and thinks there has to be something wonderful about it? You look around the countryside and try to find something that is special and sweet about it, but there is really nothing. What’s the attraction about Tennessee? It certainly isn’t the people or the mountains. What does Texas have over Tennessee? It has very successful athletes coming out of the area, the best in the world. What do you have coming out of Tennessee? A bunch of uneducated idiots coming out of the University of Tennessee, but the worse thing they have is the reputation of their wrestling organization that is becoming viled by the Armstrong family. Who wants to see God knows how many of them, legitimately or illegitimately, running around throughout the county? No wonder Jim Cornette called up Dory and himself and they’re going to show everyone exactly what the Armstrong’s are.


It does feel as though I’ve heard this all before and this is a bit rambling places.

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