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[1994-07-09-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Hulk Hogan & Mr T


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Hogan declares WCW the number one promotion in the world and hypes Bash at the Beach, and I begrudgingly admit that they haven't done a terrible job building the match. Hogan puts over WCW pretty strongly and says he's proud to be in the #1 wrestling organization in the world. He picks up his phone and votes for Flair vs Sting in this interactive main event, and there we go - another idea that will probably work well in the modern climate of social media that did draw some good ratings then, but didn't have staying power.


Hogan brings out Mr. T, which would be like someone on Raw bringing out the dancing baby from Ally McBeal.

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Hogan calls into the WCW Hotline to request Ric Flair vs. Sting in a match. Bringing out Mr. T is totally trying to recreate stuff that was done in WWF many years ago. Mr. T is going to back Hogan in the match at Bash as the Beach. Mr T's promo ain't that bad. Him and Hogan do those lame high fives from 10 years before.

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Was this a live episode? Hogan, to his credit, actually does an effective job of putting WCW over and hyping the Bash at the Beach main event. And WCW Interactive! After Shaquille O'Neal and George Foreman, Hogan brings out his trump card...Mr. T. Oh, just when this was going relatively well.

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