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[1994-08-23-ECW-TV] The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer / Interview: The Sandman & Woman


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Stills of a Sandman/Dreamer match with Dreamer caning Sandman. Dreamer blocks a cane shot from Woman and kisses her. Dreamer is still in his suspenders getup, all while "Let Love Rule" plays. This is pretty bizarre editing.


Then, we cut to Sandman KO'd in the ring. Woman lights a cigarette and puts in his mouth and he's suddenly awake.


We close out to a promo of the two of them. Woman is a little peeved about Dreamer kissing her again. She is really good here.


This whole segment feels like a weird drug trip.

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What a bizarre way to show the result of a match. It's supposed to sound like Styles is calling the match "live" but it sounds like radio play-by-play and is clearly after-the-fact. I guess this is the birth of the "hardcore" Tommy Dreamer, suspenders notwithstanding. With a pseudo-"ironic," I guess, musical selection to boot. Woman reviving Sandman with a cigarette is cute. Woman is so ridiculously hot at this point that she makes even the cliched sexy-woman-with-a-cigarette image work. Woman eggs Sandman on afterward to take Dreamer out.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-08-23-ECW-TV] The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer / Interview: The Sandman & Woman

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