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[1994-08-20-SMW-TV] Interview: The Gangstas


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Bob Caudle says how the Gangstas have gone to humiliating their opponents with an ‘x’ after they’ve beaten them in the ring. New Jack says that for 400 years his ancestors got humiliated. They were chained in the bowels of a slave ship and bought over here, but then they built this country up and now they want them to leave? That’s not going to happen and they’re going to stay whether they like it or not. The Rock & Roll Express have got to stop dodging them and put their name on the dotted line to face them. They may have beaten the likes of the Midnight Express, Doom and the Road Warriors but that was wrestling, they haven’t been in a streetfight yet and they want to fight them. Sooner or later they are going to have to get with New Jack and Mustafa. Rock & Roll is dead, Rap is in!

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