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[1994-09-03-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Hulk Hogan


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Gene interviews Hogan on the beach to get an update on his knee. Hogan complains about WCW execs not doing enough to take control of Flair and talks about everyone being in cahoots against him. He then tears into Gene for being biased against him. Some babyface. The whole promotion is in your pocket. This is Hogan at his most unbearable.

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Hogan interviewed by Okerlund on the beach with Beefcake playing catch in the background. Hulk is not a happy camper taking a couple shots at WCW for not protecting him. Hogan gets all pissy at Gene too which is funny being that Okerlund has been kissing his ass heavy since Hulk coming to WCW started up.

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Yes, Hogan is unbearable. He's got everything he wants to, Flair is suspended, yet he finds a way to be a paranoid bitch and even get on the case of Gene Okerlund, who rode his dick from day one. Now I can understand Bruti being pissed because Hogan's only got one dick so he gots to get Gene away from it. Hogan's knee injury looks phony as hell since he's basically playing on the beach. Worst babyface ever.

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Well, this starts off well enough with Hogan somberly talking about the extent of his knee injury. Then he starts cutting a WHINY-ASS promo on Nick Bockwinkel (why'd you expect HIM to support you?), Bill Shaw, and Eric Bischoff for "not handling" Ric Flair. He's fucking fined and suspended! Oh, and Heenan's involved, too. Also, take a drink every time Hogan says "boxed in." He brings up the 30-day clause also, which is hilarious considering what his schedule is and will be. Bret Hart would watch this and think, "Oh, shut the fuck up and get over it already."

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-09-03-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Hulk Hogan

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