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Mania as it happens.


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no matter who won the Rumble, that match is going to be, at best, the #4 or #5 match at this year's Wrestlemania

Yeah I was thinking a lot about that. If it were up to me i'd have him face Bryan for the belt, storm out at the begining of Mania, challenge him to fight him in the opener saying he doesn't want to wait then beat him in like 30 secs w the brogue kick. That shit would have way more impact then having like a 8 - 12 min semi competitive match mid show like they'll probably get otherwise.


Called it :)

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From Meltz


Sheamus won the title in 18 seconds with the Brogue kick. The plan was to beat the Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero record from a few years ago, but for reality, they didn't beat it. This had been planned for a while but there were people trying to get it changed.

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The first match was incredibly frustrating and got the show off to a terrible start, but I have this small hope that we haven't seen the last of them tonight.


Orton looked great in the Kane match, even if it wasn't a particularly good match.


Show/Cody was awfully clumsy and didn't have much heat.

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They kicked out of stuff a bunch of times, layed around in between, and Michaels did some awful sad faces in the corner. DRAMA~! I bet this will be Match of the Decade.

There were moments of this that worked, but yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.

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Divas match -smoke break


Taker vs. HHH

Gotta be here live. The headbutts, the actual match before the big stretch run felt better. The false finishes were not as good as last year but there were points you could see it ending. The thing we agree on here in the stadium is with no blood and no climbing, the Cell was not needed. Enjoyed this more live than I did last year's on my couch.

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Yeah last years Taker/HHH had a tighter home stretch of nearfalls (mostly because it was more contained) and the pre-home stretch of last years was also far superior to this years. It was that fucking annoying "ZOOM IN ON THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND BACK AND FORTH DIALOGUE BECAUSE WE MAKE MOVIES~!" shit that kills the flow in a lot of forced, current day WWE "epics".

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