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[1994-10-29-WCW-Saturday Night] Sting and Kevin Sullivan


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Announced for the next Clash is Hogan, Sting and Evad vs Kevin Sullivan, Avalanche and the Butcher. Dave comes out to interrupt (this guys needs to be locked up in the back) Sting as he not only a Hulkamaniac but a Stinger too. Kevin Sullivan joins things and challenges Sting to inpromtu match. No referee. Stinger Splash and Scorpion Death Lock. Three Faces of Fear hit the ring and beat up Sting. Avalanche Drop on Dave Sullivan! Yes! He squishes him with a leg drop also. Thanks. The world seems a better place again.

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There's something amusing about Sting considering Hogan a "brother" just on the basis that they pumped some iron and hit some waves on the beach once. If that doesn't sum him up in a nutshell, what does?


Dave is out to ask if he can be both a Stinger and a Hulkamaniac. Kevin is quickly out to slap him around. Sting gets Sullivan in the Scorpion, but gets distracted by Butcher long enough for Avalanche to run in and attack Sting from behind. Pretty pathetic, heatless beatdown.

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Sting cuts an amusing promo on being brother's with Hogan based on surfing and working out. Tremendous. Dave Sullivan comes out and wants to be both a Hulkamaniac and a Stinger. Then Kevin Sullivan shows up and fucks with Dave so Sting goes at it with Kevin in the ring. Beefcake and Avalanche show up and there's a boring ass beatdown on Sting and Dave from the Three Faces of Fear/Dungeon of Doom. Whatever.

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For the love of God, can Evad just die in a fire already? Or at least sit his ass back in the locker room for two minutes? Sting vs. Sullivan goes nowhere before the other two Faces of Fear come out. Sting and Evad both get squashed. I can't hate any segment that ends with Evad Sullivan getting annihilated, but Butcher is pathetic. Hogan comes off as a real chump for not being there. I'd be curious to see how his pre-recorded comments went--if he actually sold shock and sadness at his "brother" turning on him, or just spouted the usual Hulk cliches.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-10-29-WCW-Saturday Night] Sting and Kevin Sullivan

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