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[1994-10-30-AAA-Sin Limite] Blue Panther vs El Mariachi


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Everyone is dressed well for the pre match photo. Blue Panther showing off the neck strength when he is locked in a submission. Various armbar attempts. Mariachi gets the pinfall in first fall though it looked like Panther’s shoulder could have been up. Mariachi continues the aggression in the second fall and attacks the arm again. Back and forth they go. Panther goes through a couple of his own submissions before scoring pin on the second fall. We get a dive to the outside where Mariachi ends up in the front row. Both men struggle to make it back in the ring before a count out. Mariachi is getting the better out of the roll ups as he comes very close a couple times to winning. Panther ends up finishing with a submission. Seemed like that was how the third fall was going to go down with the earlier submissions in the first two falls.

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Pretty spectacular mat clinic. This is really the first match since the '92 yearbook match Panther had with Super Astro where he has been put in a position to show everything he can do for any length of time. And he can do a lot - not just the matwork spots, but also the nice set up for his opponent. He's fun in this for at times wrestling himself into pretzels while making it look like Mariachi was this world class wrestler who pulled it off. This feels like the best of EMLL more than the best of AAA. Some really intricate stuff. For '94, the best comparison is Dandy/Llanes, and of the two I'd call this the better match. I shouldn't give Panther all the credit, just most of it. Mariachi absolutely looks good and even though I've never seen him outside of this match, he looks excellent.

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Blue Panther is such an excellent mat specialist. The intricacy is absurd in a lot of what he does. Solar/Mariachi was good too. I really enjoyed some of the submission teases in this and Panther's dive was great. All of the near falls were good and there were a few that really grabbed me. Great, mat clinic.

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Previously at PWO:


what are people's thoughts on this? heard it pimped hard -- here, I think, by someone (OJ?) -- but just barely watched it tonight. wow -- what a first fall! great match all-around, too. I'm interested in seeing other people's views on it, though.



Mariachi = Solar for those that don't know. Haven't seen the match in years but I remember it being awesome.



It might just be the best AAA match ever.



I think this is the match if anyone wants to watch it:

I thought the first fall was probably the best part of it. I'd rate it around ***3/4.

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Very good match, but maybe not the MOTY I was hoping for, knowing that Solar was in this. There was great build to the highspots and some near-falls, but the third fall finish was kind of flat, as Panther weathers a bunch of roll-ups and then casually wraps Mariachi up in the nudo lagunero for the submission.

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So El Mariachi is Solar with a far inferior mask. On paper this looked great, with the only danger being AAA shenanigans. Fortunately they were all confined to the postmatch. Between the bells was all I hoped it would be. A technical clinic between two masters of the mat. Terrific scientific Lucha. I sometimes think how weird the majority of wrestling fans would find my reactions whilst viewing. One of the things that makes me mark out the most isn't the big moves or near falls. It's sound application of leverage.


I liked how the segunda was a competitive event as well, teasing the 2-0 victory. The third was full of long and dramatic 2.9ers. I've grown to like the long counts. They're much better than going too quickly like some officials. One of the top handful of Mexican matches from 1994.

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This was great. Really loved the closing moments and excitement built through the exhaustion of Panther, near falls, and really just how well those final holds were sold. For example, the kicking of of the feet showing that Mariachi was holding on for dear life struggling for the pin.



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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-10-30-AAA-Sin Limite] Blue Panther vs El Mariachi

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