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[1990-06-09-USWA-Championship Sports] Interview: Matt Borne & Percy Pringle


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Matt Borne is the Boogeyman, and he's GONNA GETCHA.


Pringle cuts an absolutely psychotic promo directed towards Chris, who's sitting on Doris' couch watching this. If Fritz & Doris don't keep Chris away, they're going to "lose another one." Holy merciful fuck, that tops the promo where Pringle praises his "idol" George Wallace on the tastelessness meter. Not BAD, maybe not even really objectionable...but tasteless. Pringle comes off as a guy completely over the edge, which separates his tasteless bullshit from the tasteless bullshit the Horsemen are spewing. I dug the little nod to history with Pringle taking credit for making Eric Embry and preserving the USWA, too.

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You wouldn't think that Jarrett would have been as shameless about milking the Von Erichs' family tragedies for a few extra bucks as Papa Fritz, but it looks like he was. Sure it's a heat-getter, but I have to wonder if constantly being reminded of the sickness and tragedy of the Von Erich family is one of the reasons Dallas went out of business. Some insiders I've read swear that this is the case; not only didn't they turn out to be the all-American family, but the constant tragedy of their lives made the product unbearable to watch after a while.


All that said, Percy's quite the effective crazy man here, and it's kind of a shame that he suppressed that part of his personality while doing the Paul Bearer gimmick. Borne continues to deliver as well.

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Borne is bleeding from the forehead here, so not sure if this was taped the same night as the cage match or what? He tells Kerry that this is the way that it should’ve been in the first place, none of these silly stipulations with Percy Pringle suspended above the cage, and he’s going to get him next Friday night. Percy then says that he knows Fritz is sat at home on the couch next to Doris watching this. Chris is the only son he’s got left (not quite!) and he tells him that he better come down here and drag him away, because if he doesn’t he’s going to have another one that’ll end up six feet under!!! Percy says that he can’t take it anymore and these people have turned against him. He managed Eric Embry and there wouldn’t be a USWA if it wasn’t for him! He’s losing his mind and these people know what happens when he loses his mind.


There have been some crass comments and remarks made this year, but Pringle has just made the crassest of them all. It takes a fair bit to shock me after seeing those Lawler promos accusing other wrestlers of being on steroids, or the Horseman’s race baiting stuff, but I was shocked on hearing this.

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Pringle with the line of the year so far. That is going more than a little far, but it made TV so Jarrett must have been okay with it. I do like the crazy bastard with a yellow streak that Pringle is playing here. Put Tatum with him and Borne and you've got quite the trio.

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