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  • 1 month later...

Akbar has been trying to recruit Jarrett, and he has offered him a $5,000 sign-on bonus. Akbar praises him like crazy, and says he's the one guy that can beat Jerry Lawler. Jarrett says if he's going to bring the belt to their camp, shouldn't he be worth more than $5,000? Akbar immediately doubles his offer to $10,000 if he'll sign today. He tells him he'll team with Jeff Gaylord later today and Jeff accepts. It cracks me up that Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Gaylord is his dream team.


Later in the same show, Jarrett offers continued support during a tag match against Billy Joe Travis and someone. Jarrett encourages Gaylord to pose in every corner then socks him, leaving Gaylord open for a pin. Gaylord's acting is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.


Continuing later in the same show, Brickhouse Brown is trying to negotiate himself a $15,000 rate in front of Reggie B. Fine and Sweet Daddy Falcone. This causes an argument and Brown gets attacked. Weird segment, as Brown was the one who came across as the heel before he was attacked. Akbar is about to burn him with his cigar (!) but Jarrett makes the big save. More members of Devastation Inc. hit the ring, but Jarrett gets away before a beatdown.


Also in the same show, Jarrett and Brown say they'll put up $10,000 for a tag match if Akbar will match it and they'll have a $20,000 winner take all match. Not sure who in Devastation Inc. they will face.


To close things out, Craig Johnson announces that Brickhouse Brown won't make the show because his father passed away. Odd that they would acknowledge that on the air.

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A whole lot to digest here.


Akbar doesn't exactly aim high if he's "dreamed at night" that Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Gaylord is the greatest tag team of all-time. Jarrett suckers Akbar into doubling his signing bonus to become the newest member of Devastation Inc. Jarrett is immediately swapped in for Sheik Braddock in a tag match later on, against Billy Joe Travis and somebody named Usher. I've heard stories but it really is indescribable how awful Jeff Gaylord is. Jarrett talks him into posing for everyone and gets him open for a shot to the jaw, which leads to an alleged Travis pin, even though Travis hops up and starts celebrating after Bronko Lubich has barely counted one.


Then later Brickhouse Brown revealed that he got Akbar to pay him $15,000 because he's the leader of the Uptown Posse, and Reggie B. Fine and Sweet Daddy Falcone work for him. That doesn't go well for Brickhouse as the beatdown is on, and yeah, I had trouble figuring who the heel was supposed to be also. The two-on-one and Akbar's attempted burning of the cigar I guess clarifies that, as Jeff Jarrett makes the save.


Akbar and Brazelle negotiate for the upcoming Sportatorium card: Jarrett and Brickhouse will put up $5,000 apiece in a tag match if Akbar puts up $10,000 of his own, winner take all. Then a Craig Johnson insert to tell us that Brickhouse Brown will not make the card due to the death of his father.


Jeff Jarrett is then facing somebody in Devastation Inc. and I guess Johnson had another assignment because Percy Pringle is back doing the announcing and is doing it as a babyface(!) again. Jarrett gets the pin but all of Devastation Inc. swarms him afterward. Chico Torres comes into the ring and RUBS HOT SAUCE into Jarrett's eyes. They sell this about as well as they can as a fan provides Billy Travis with water to soak a towel with, and I know the pain of getting habanero pepper residue in the vicinity of the eye, but...yeah. Kind of a weak-sauce angle (ducks tomatoes).

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Another program from Dallas and not a bad one being fourth from the top. We get to see some of the lower card wrestlers filing out the cards at this time which is fun. I want to see more of Falcone. Akbar came off looking like an idiot and the match with the winner take all the money made no sense since Jarrett/Brown would be putting up the money they stole from Akbar.

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Jarrett wants to talk with Akbar. He brings up a previous offer of $5K to join Devasted Incorporation and that Jarrett would be the one to beat Lawler for the title. Jarrett thinks he should be worth more money than $5K. Akbar doubles the offer and offers Jarrett a check. Akbar puts Jarrett in a tag team with Jeff Gaylord. Announcer makes a comment about bulging Gaylord hanging out in a dance club. Jarrett suggest Gaylord do some posing. This is setting up for Jarrett to not being truthful about joining up with Akbar. And yes, he nails Gaylord.


Money issues Brinkhouse Brown, Reggie B. Fine and Sweet Johnny Falcone. Brown seems to be holding out on them. Reggie doesn’t like to be ganked. Fine and Falcone attack Brown in the ring. Jeff Jarrett runs down to the ring to save Brown. Fine has some akward selling.


Akbar is out a total $25K due to Jarrett and Brown. An offer has been made by Jarrett and Brown that they will put up $5K each and Akbar match for a winner takes all. Akbar is mad since it’s his own money that is being put up. He still agrees to the match.

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You could tell the Jarrett influence in the booking here, as this feels like a typical Saturday morning at WMC, with Craig Johnson filling in for Dave Brown.


Yeah, Devastation has fallen on hard times, with a heel champion in Lawler and two fresh heels (Austin and Borne) working above them.


The fans really buy into Jeff's "turn", with loud chants of "traitor". I wonder if keeping him heel might have made Akbar a force again and spiked business a little; Jeff vs. Travis had just been done, but you could run a while with Jeff vs. Dundee, and maybe have a Devastation alliance with Tatum to boot.


I agree that Ak got the short end of the deal here, to say the least: even if his team wins the tag match, he's out five thousand dollars. And this guy's supposed to be a wealthy oil magnate?


I'm looking forward to more of this for sure. USWA Texas might just be the best promotion in North America right now, which is amazing considering its lack of bona fide star power.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-06-16-USWA-Championship Sports] Jeff Jarrett vs Devastation Inc. Feud Recap

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