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[1990-06-30-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Dirty White Boy & Dirty White Girl


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I haven't seen the backstory to this yet, so I'll check it out shortly, but it looks like the feud teased in Texas between Dundee and Anthony has erupted in Memphis. I liked what I saw of Anthony as a promo in his SMW days, and we know Dundee's a winner on the mic, so the promo battle should be fun.


As Pete said, Kim's a step below Toni and Jeannie on the mic, but so is every other woman in wrestling not named Sherri Martel, including Nancy Sullivan. She still gets her point across well enough. Maybe we'll see at least a little mic work from Tessa at some point in this feud, at least I hope so.

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The Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl are out having demanded an interview. Tony Anthony says how the White Girl slapped Tessa around, beat her brains out Monday night and that Bill Dundee had to drag her out of there. He asks Dave Brown if Dundee and Tessa are in the building, and when he tells them that they’re not, he wonders how they can talk about how big, how mean and how tough they are if they can’t come here to back it up? He and the White Girl are here so why aren’t they? If Dundee wants to fight they’ll do it Monday night, because that’s his middle name and he’ll stomp his brains out. The Dirty White Girl then calls Tessa a witch and says that she’ll also be there Monday night and they’ll see who scratches whose eyes out.


Considering that she’s been a valet much longer than both Jeannie and Toni she’s not a patch on either of them as a talker. As much as I like the White Girl she’s never really been good in that aspect and that’s evidenced in one sentence here. You would’ve though with Tony Anthony being such a strong and solid promo that something would’ve rubbed off on his wife but it just never did.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-06-30-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Dirty White Boy & Dirty White Girl

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