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[1990-06-30-USWA-Championship Sports] Interview: Percy Pringle


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Pringle invokes all he's done for the USWA in the past year with the Eric Embry write-in campaign. The hype is on for the Final Battle--Armageddon--between Kerry Von Erich and Matt Borne. Which is ill-fated. I wonder if Borne hasn't walked out already in favor of the NAWA. Kerry's final Texas match would be 3 days after the big show.

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Another great promo from Percy. It's kind of a shame he's becoming Paul Bearer soon; while the character definitely fits with the Undertaker, it basically ruins him as an effective promo, with the cartoon-creepy voice and the constant death puns. If Taker had been any less over than he was, the Paul Bearer character might have ended up as one of the prime examples of wrestlecrap.


Just as an aside, it's easy for a promotion to hype a match as the last between two given competitors when both of them are leaving within a week or so, like Kerry and Borne are.

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Percy is out for an interview with Craig Johnson and he tells him that he looks like a microphone stand, so earn his $25 and hold that microphone for him as that’s all he’s good for! As far as the fans go though, he hasn’t worked out what they’re good for yet? They’re driving him insane and he can hardly sleep at night. They can’t be as stupid as they look, they’re has to be a few intelligent ones left? What do they want from him? Do they want an apology? Do they not remember how he started the big write in campaign to bring back Eric Embry? How he tore down the World Class banner? All while he’s going off on them, the crowd are chanting ‘Go home Percy’ at him. He says that it doesn’t matter what any of them think though because the man of the hour is Matt Borne. On Independence Day it will be ‘the last battle’ between Matt Borne and Kerry Von Erich, as the USWA have said that there will be no more rematches after this. He tells Kerry that Matt won’t pull any stops because everyone saw what he did to his daddy, and talking of daddies, Kerry, Kevin and Chris have shamed their daddy. Pringle then just abruptly walks off!


I’m trying to work out what’s going on with Pringle as he’s back to crazy, deranged Percy again here. Are we meant to believe that there are almost ‘two’ Percy’s? You have Percy the crazed heel manager, but when he’s called to be an announcer/interviewer he’s straight laced, face Percy? Kinda like you have to suspend your disbelief and just treat them as two different characters even though it’s the same person. It’s a strange one for sure! Either way, another good interview from Pringle here.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-06-30-USWA-Championship Sports] Interview: Percy Pringle

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