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[1990-07-07-USWA-Memphis TV] Cowabunga vignette


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In Memphis, this is harmless fun. In the WWF, Vince would have been destroyed for it. It just goes to show you what a reserve of credibility and goodwill can do for a wrestling promotion. I'm actually interested to see how this gimmick works in the ring, as Champion looked like he was moving pretty well in the suit.

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For many years Cowabunga has lived in the shadows waiting for the right time to show his face upon the wrestling world, and now is that time! Cowabunga is a fighter of evil and a fighter for truth, justice and a bigger slice of pizza!


Cowabunga has got a new costume and it’s a significant improvement on the one he wore previously. He does some karate kicks and punches, then chops a piece of wood in half. The gimmick is still horrible, but at least it looks like it will be interesting to watch with all those flashy kicks and punches. Not too sure about the faux Japanese accent that he talks in mind!

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Looked like a half-assed execution of a karate form. But for wrestling it will work. Don't know that I would condemn Vince for this. It would show a shocking grasp of contemporary pop culture for Vince. He always seems stuck at least 5 to 10 years behind.

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