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[1990-07-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler vs The Snowman / Interview: The Snowman


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  • 2 months later...

Clip of another match between the two from Mid South Coliseum. Lawler is a total babyface now. Snowman rolls Lawler up when he is distracted by Downtown Bruno, and Snowman retains the title. Immediately, Jeff Gaylord and Scott Braddock hit the ring and attack Lawler. Dundee makes the save, and the Dirty White Boys then come in to really outnumber everyone. Snowman never really gets involved in all of this, but finally comes to the rescue of the babyfaces and the fans go crazy. Now, Lawler, Dundee and Snowman are fighting off the heels together. Awesome. After they clear the ring, Snowman helps Lawler to his feet and they shake hands. The best feud of the year comes to a close, but we're in for some great times in the months ahead thanks to all the new talent in the territory.


Snowman barely gets a word out in his interview when the super lame Jeff Gaylord interrupts. He shows off by doing push-ups. Jeff Gaylord is on crack.

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Pretty cheap to hype the stip of having two referees only for Downtown Bruno to singlehandledly make chaos anyway. A distraction allows Snowman to roll Lawler up for the victory and then the DWBs and Wild Things hit the ring for another beatdown of Lawler. Snowman lurks in the background for awhile, then suddenly comes to the aid of Lawler & Dundee. It's not quite the MegaPowers, but it's a pretty stirring moment in and of itself.


Snowman's interview is interrupted and--dear God in heaven--Snowman vs. Jeff Gaylord is signed as a Unified World title match for Monday. THIS IS GONNA BE THE BIGGEST MELDOWN SINCE THE CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR PLANT IN RUSSIA, Y'KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN'?? Regardless of Snowman's claims that this will be "one of the most exciting championship matches of all-time"...forget JYD/Soultaker, this is the Worst Theoretical Match-Up That Actually Happened. Or may have happened, depending on when Snowman walked out.

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Bruno distracts Lawler who gets rolled up by Snowman. The Wild Things attack Lawler but Dundee makes the save. Dirty White Boys give the heels the number advantage again. Snowman! He comes to Lawler and Dundee’s aid. Feud over.


Jeff Gaylord might be crazy. He comes yelling and talking about how good looking he is. He does a couple one handed push ups. He continues yelling but wants to be the next champion. Then he just walks away. Snowman thinks it will be one of the most exciting tag matches of all time.

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  • 2 years later...

I guess they needed to make sure everybody knew that Lawler would have beaten Snowman without Bruno's interference and still could do so at any time. It's not like it's a big deal anyway; Lawler-Dundee/DWBs are going to draw the houses for the next while, so how weak the World champion looks really doesn't matter much.


I like Snowman coming to Lawler's aid, and I'm surprised we didn't see a six-man with Lawler, Dundee, and Snowman against the DWBs and Gilbert. I mean, did Jeff Gaylord have to challenge for the title right away, and is he really the best you have as far as challengers go?


Say what you will about the man, Gaylord doing one-handed pushups is impressive. Gaylord on the mic is exactly the opposite, even with Bruno to do most of the talking. Snowman brings some of the ghetto jive, which at least makes him sound different.


And so the Unified World title goes from the top of the card to a midcard afterthought in one week. I know there's only one true champion in most of the fans' eyes, and he's busy making sure his best friend's girlfriend is kept safe for virtuosity, but it's not like Jarrett's even trying. If I'd been booking, I'd have brought Austin in for a one-shot; at least the fans would have had Jeannie to look at if the match fell apart.

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  • 8 months later...

Action from the Mid-South Coliseum that’s joined in progress. Lawler with a fist drop off the middle turnbuckle to The Snowman, when Downtown Bruno is out and up on the apron (what are the two referees doing at this point?). ‘The King’ slugs him with a right and follows up with another for good measure. As he grabs him to nail him again, The Snowman rolls him up from behind for the pin. Lawler decks The Snowman after the match but is then jumped by The Wild Things. They double team the bloodied Lawler until Bill Dundee makes the save, although the Dirty White Boys are out not long after to help The Wild Things. As Tony Anthony holds ‘The King’ ready for The Snowman to hit him, he nails Jeff Gaylord instead. The three of them work together to clear the ring of the heels and The Snowman then helps a hesitant Lawler to his feet as the crowd cheer on in approval.


The Snowman is in the studio with Dave Brown, but before he can say anything they are joined by Jeff Gaylord and Downtown Bruno. Gaylord insults The Snowman’s physique whilst posing, and says he’s an athlete, a superior being, whilst The Snowman is just a thug! The only thing that would make him look any better is by having that belt around his 32” waist, and that’s what’s going to happen this week before demonstrating his athleticism by doing one handed clap pushups. He says that belt is the only thing he’s lacking to make himself complete and Monday is going to see the biggest meltdown since the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Russia! The Snowman says that it will be a long time before he gets this belt, but it’s going to be one of the most exciting matches of all time this Monday at the Coliseum.


I’m sorry but this made no sense to me. Lawler attacked The Snowman after the match before the Wild Things attacked him. Why oh why is he then coming to help Lawler out? If someone had punched me, last thing I would be doing a minute or so later is helping them! I’d be wanting to hit them back, or in a situation like this where I can see they are already getting beaten up, I’d leave them to get beaten up some more. Yeah, it might have been cool seeing The Snowman come to his aid and the crowd popped big for it, still doesn’t stop it from making zero sense though. I thought The Snowman might explain his reasoning in the studio interview, but all we got was that he has no allegiance with Downtown Bruno. I found Gaylord pretty funny here, and whatever you think about him, those one handed clap pushups were super impressive.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler vs The Snowman / Interview: The Snowman

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