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[1990-07-28-IWA-TV] Tommy Rogers vs Jimmy Backlund


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Nice little match from Florida! I came across this looking through the indy stuff in the WON for matches that just might be out there. Luckily, Bix had it and there we go. It's not going to change the world, but both guys look really good. Backlund's attempted top rope legdrop got some mad height.

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Interesting that Tommy Rogers is being pushed as a single here. Not that he didn't look good, but I would think that the Fantastics as a team would have gotten more buzz. Did they even try to bring Bobby Fulton in?


Jigolo Jimmy also looks fine, and that top rope legdrop was insanely high. Now I know what Corny saw in him when he brought him to SMW as half of the Heavenly Bodies.


The commentary was a bit annoying. DDP was okay, but Mick Karch violates the one cardinal rule of dealing with a heel commentator: show exasperation all you want, no-sell at the right times, but never dismiss your partner as an idiot. If he has no credibility and adds nothing to the broadcast, why should we listen to the commentary at all? It's not like he (Karch) is Gordon Solie and we're supposed to hang on his every word. You're basically asking the viewers to mute the sound and just watch the action, which isn't what you want at all.


I liked DDP admitting that he wasn't interested in calling every second of a resthold just because it was the current in-ring action. The heel commentator needs his space to be himself, and about the only one he has is during dead time such as lockups and restholds.


Interestingly, it was DDP who took care of the throw to commercial and other housekeeping business, which you don't hear often unless it's at the end of a talk show segment with guys like Corny or Dutch Mantell. Otherwise, it's always the lead announcer.


Off to watch the other IWA match now.

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Okay, so there's a jobber that was on 6:05 in the mid-80s, I believe named Jim BLACKLUND. He kind of looks the same, but I can't really find info on who it is, other than some results. Could have just been a random name or a production error on JCP's part though. But I love Jim Blacklund jobber matches. As for this, fairly inconsequential but solid, Tommy Rogers looks good and hits a great looking German suplex for the win. Backlund's Alabama Jam attempt looks huge too, bummer he didn't hit it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-28-IWA-TV] Tommy Rogers vs Jimmy Backlund

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