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[1990-07-28-IWA-TV] Dean Malenko vs Ricky Rice


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Malenko immediately goes for Rice's knee and does some really nice work. Rice is a plucky babyface, which is completely different from the act he had in the PWA. (There was a 35-minute match he had against Jerry Lynn in PWA that we really wanted to include, but sadly it only exists on YouTube, and the guy who ran the channel never responded to requests to pick it up on disc.) This is a couple of minutes shorter than Rogers/Backlund, but I like it better, and it's a great showcase for Malenko's nice matwork.

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Good opener to the TV show here, and a fine showcase for Malenko, who used at least five hundred of his thousand holds. Rice tried to keep up, but like most mere mortals, he couldn't.


Karch doesn't guzzle DDP at every turn here like he did in the other match, which makes the commentary more tolerable. I liked DDP throwing in references to his past history with Rice from the AWA.


The bell ringing during the final pin count must have been a botch, as the ref declared Malenko the winner anyway. I've heard of time-shaving in bouts, but this one went barely six minutes. Since almost all TV bouts have a ten-minute time limit, that means the bell rang over four minutes early, which is inexcusable unless they were actually trying for five-minute time limit matches, which would be utterly pointless.


For the record, the IWA promoted here isn't recognized by Wrestlingdata.com despite having a cable slot on SportsChannel America. Also, according to Wikipedia, the promotion was actually based in Girard, Ohio, a suburb of Youngstown. This makes me wonder why they decided to tape their TV in Orlando, of all places.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-28-IWA-TV] Dean Malenko vs Ricky Rice

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