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[1990-08-04-USWA-Championship Sports] Steve Austin, Jeannie Clark & Percy Pringle and Chris & Toni Adams


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  • 2 months later...

First we get last week, where Jeanne had incriminating photos, including a nude photo with his naughty town covered with a sticky note! Some of them are obviously old and cut out from wrestling magazines while they are claiming the photos are new, which makes this funnier. Toni runs out and attacks Jeanne. Pringle holds her while Jeanne attacks her. Adams is out for the save. Wild stuff to set up this segment, but it was just a tease of what was to come.


Now, Austin, Jeanne and Pringle are out and show about a dozen photos from last week of Chris Adams having what appears to be a romantic lunch with a woman who was not Toni. There is a photo that includes Adams getting a kiss. She says this conclusively proves that Adams is having an affair! Toni half-heartedly runs them off and then starts looking through the photos and crying. She tearfully demands that Chris come out now.


Adams says it's obvious it was a complete setup and she knew he had lunch with an agent. Jeanne was willing to forget last week because they were obviously old photos, but this week is definitely not a setup. She slaps Adams and wants to know how he could do this to her.


Later in the show, they show a clip of Jeanne vs Toni from the previous night. Percy Pringle runs in for the DQ. He holds Toni for a few shots before she gets in some shots of her own and runs him out of the ring before stripping Jeanne down to her bra. She runs around and screams before Percy covers her with his ring jacket. Toni meanwhile goes right after Pringle again, and the numbers catch up to her. Austin and Adams are nowhere to be found because the wrestlers are banned from ringside. Finally, Chris Von Erich makes the save as the women brawl out of sight. This brings Austin out to attack Chris. He's about to piledrive him when Adams makes the save.


Now, we have Austin, Jeanne and Pringle out for an interview, with Percy tearing a photo of Chris and Toni in half as he laughs maniacally on the way to the ring. Austin is finding his voice in this feud and does a really good promo. Jeanne is a pretty strong on-camera performer too, actually. Percy does a screaming promo taking this to another level, saying he's going to beat up Chris Von Erich until Fritz and Doris have to jump in their Cadillac and save him! This brings Chris out to go after Pringle. The heels attack him, but Adams makes the save.


After the commercial, Adams wants time to talk. He is grateful that Chris has stuck his neck out for him a few times now, and he can't believe Toni fell for that stupid trick. Chris really wants to cut a promo and be a wrestler really, really bad, but no. He promises to sit Toni down and talk to her when they're home, but he's coming after the asses of the heels.


This feud is red hot.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Jeannie has more pictures of Chris, including what's definitely a picture of Sunshine (acknowledged by name) and what appears to be one with Baby Doll. And one with a piece of paper taped over his naughty bits. Toni goes after them but is quickly overpowered by Percy and hit in the bad ribs again by Jeannie ("You bitch!") before Chris breaks things up, and getting some licks in on Austin.


Jeannie, Percy, and Austin are out again with a report from a private detective they've hired--he followed Chris to a fancy restaurant where he's meeting up with an attractive female with his wedding ring off. Jeannie is at her absolute best here. This seems to be quite the smoking gun, or so Toni believes. Adams yells at her for "falling for this set-up." Um, Chris, she's blowing in your ear and kissing you. Toni slaps Chris and storms off!


Clips from Toni vs. Jeannie, Austin & Chris barred from ringside. Percy Pringle isn't, though, and waddles in for the DQ. Toni gets in some offense, including tearing off Jeannie's sports bra, but gets overwhelmed until Chris Von Erich makes the save. THAT brings out Austin who whales away on Chris--"An obvious mismatch" as Joe Pedicino candidly points out. NOW Chris Adams finally comes out, but too late to save Chris from an Austin/Pringle spike piledriver.


Percy has a great look on his face as he tears a Chris & Toni picture in half. Austin references what's either the come-as-you-are street fight we saw or another one where Austin wore his football gear. Jeannie is getting better and better on the stick, giving a fabulously gloat-heavy promo. Percy cuts another scathing promo on Chris Von Erich, and he cracks me up with an obvious but still inspired gag by producing Chris' "first publicity photo"--a midget shot of the "Modern Day Smurf." Von Erich takes out Percy but yet another babyface makes a run-in into a war zone. The Other Chris quickly makes the save and it's a crazy scene at ringside.


It's supposed to be Austin, Pringle, & Jeannie vs. Chris, Chris, & Toni on Friday night--but they tease that Toni won't be there. Chris and Chris make nice with each other and Adams screams that Jeannie is GOOFY! GOOFY! YOU'RE GOOFY! Von Erich makes nasty faces...sigh. He really, really tried.


This is getting better and better, though Adams has always come off as a bit of a hotheaded dumbass throughout and his accusing Toni of more or less being stupid isn't doing him any favors either.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Jeannie has some hot pictures. Pictures of Chris Adams with different women. He’s having an affair! There is a yellow sticky covering part of Chris on one of the pictures. Toni has had enough and slugs Jeannie. Pringle grabs her by the hair though and Jeannie fights back.


We have a detailed investigation with pictures of Chris Adams meeting up with some woman. Damning evidence. Toni is wearing one of Michael Jackon’s jackets. Poor Toni! She’s crying looking at the photos and demanding Chris show up. Chris says this was a complete set up. Toni smacks Chris and storms off.


Clips of Jeannie versus Toni. Adams ends up stripping off Jeannie’s top. Again, Pringle holds Toni so Jeannie can lay in the punches. Chris Von Erich comes to Toni’s aid and attacks Pringle. Austin easily beats up Chris.


Pringle tears up a picture of Chris and Toni. Austin and company want to talk about the upcoming divorce of Chris and Toni. Jeannie talks about being the star of the show. Six man tag now with Pringle and Chris Von Erich added to the mix. Chris’ publicity photo looks bad. And Von Erich gets beat up again. This just isn’t fun to watch.


Chris Adams thinks Jeannie is goofy.

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  • 1 year later...

Someone commented in another thread that Adams is carrying this feud, and that may be true from a ring general standpoint, but characterwise, he looks like more and more of a schmuck every week. Seriously, can't the babyfaces get even one victory, verbal or physical, that isn't a fluke? Now they're teasing a heel turn from Toni, of all people. The heels' performances are fun to watch in and of themselves, and you can see that both Austin and Jeannie have stardom looming dead ahead, but in totality, this angle stinks right now. Adams is rapidly crossing the line into bumbling idiot territory if he isn't there already, and the best he has for backup is Chris Von Erich. Yeah, that really inspires confidence, at five foot five and a hundred and thirty pounds.


Interesting that they mentioned Sunshine by name here. I don't think I've heard her name in a broadcast of any sort since her aborted Dallas return in '86.


Nice to hear Joe Pedicino on color. He's not exactly polished at live commentary, but once he is, he'll be this promotion's best broadcaster. Craig's finally starting to develop a few reactions other than plowing ahead with what's on the format sheet, though. I liked how he kept trying to rip the mic out of Percy's hand while he was raving. I'm assuming that the female was Joe's wife Boni Blackstone, and she's become my favorite female broadcaster ever after just one appearance. Of course, her competition is Mike McGuirk and Missy Hyatt, so let's not make that out as a landmark achievement.


Anyway, if you enjoy watching the evolution of Austin, this feud is a gold mine. If you're like me and watching this for overall content, there's not a whole lot of goodness here. As I've seemingly said a hundred times, the faces need to pull their socks up in a hurry and get in some payback in order to keep my interest.

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  • 10 months later...

Craig really looks like he gives a shit when the heels start going here. It's as if someone has mentioned to him he's supposed to react like a normal human being instead of grinning like an idiot. About time, but if I'm not mistaken USWA is going to lose it's TV before too long.

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