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[1990-08-11-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Interview: Ric Flair


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The best promo I've seen from Flair in quite a while. This is how he used to do it before the big matches four or five years ago: quietly confident, sure of his place in the sport regardless of whether he was a champion or not, and ready to make the poor soul who was stepping into the ring with him pay dearly for the honor of beating him. He's lost that as time has gone on and he's gotten caught up in the Horsemen and their group dynamics, and it's nice to see it return here. Luger/Flair needed a fresh twist in order to avoid feeling stale and slapped together, and now we have it. Tremendous work.

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Jim Ross is joined by Ric Flair, and Ross says that on September 5th in Asheville, NC, live on TBS, it’s Clash of the Champions XII ‘Fall Brawl’. Ric Flair will be facing Lex Luger and the United States title will be on the line, but he believes that isn’t the Nature Boy’s prime motivation. Flair says that his prime motivation is to prove to the non-believers that Ric Flair has not lost a step. When you dominated a sport for ten years like he has and you get beat, there is always going to be somebody that said ‘I told you so’. On September 5th at Clash of the Champions, a 10 million strong viewing audience are going to see first-hand that Ric Flair is still the greatest wrestler alive today. As they won’t sign a match between himself and Sting, he’s going after the next best thing, that’s his friend Lex Luger, the United States champion.


Considering Flair vs Luger is hardly a new match, or one that hasn’t been seen countless times in the past, this is a great hype job from Flair in getting you to want to see it again. I think Lawler is the best promo of the year for 1990 (and really don’t see that changing), but there are probably half a dozen others who could easily be number two, of which Flair is one.

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