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[1990-08-18-USWA-Championship Sports] Jeff Jarrett and Devastation Inc.


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Where are the WWF road agents to tell Jarrett that "Ak" is your friend, and "General Skandor Akbar" is the USWA superstar? Jarrett is going after Akbar in the ring. Gary Young comes in and they have a brawl, but Jarrett gets the better of him. He's about to give Akbar a piledriver when TERRY TAYLOR, fresh off of leaving the WWF, shows up and attacks Jarrett. Good stuff. This is all to set up Lawler/Jarrett vs Young/Taylor, which sounds like a fun match to me!


Oh, Pringle with his "I see what you did there"-style comments. "No one can call Terry Taylor a chicken."


Falcone and Brown (as babyfaces?) try to make the save, but fail. The beatdown continues a long time and culminates with a spike piledriver.

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Jeff Jarrett tries to beat the identity of the mystery partner out of Akbar, but gets ambushed by Gary Young. As soon as Jarrett fights him off he gets leveled by TERRY TAYLOR, fresh out of the WWF! This starts a loooong beatdown with numerous jobbers getting tossed aside by the heels, ending with a spike piledriver. Its to everyone's credit that the Red Rooster comes off as a threat here but this probably could have been twice as effective in half the time.

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The beatdown was way too long. When you get to the point where three jobbers have to be tossed out, you're pushing the limits of common sense. Also, do you mean to tell me that Jarrett's regular tag team partner Travis took that long to get to ringside knowing what a potential jackpot Jeff had stepped into? There are gallant babyfaces, and then there are stupid babyfaces. Dallas is overpopulated with the latter at the moment.


Percy has a great time with his chicken puns. That's the way to get Taylor over as a threat, guys: Remind the audience that he just got through being Vince's most ridiculous cartoon character to date.


Good point by Loss about Jarrett calling Akbar "Ak". Still, everyone with half a brain knew that the guy wasn't really an Arab, hell, his Texas accent was as thick as pea soup. What's the difference what he's called as long as the audience knows damn right well that he isn't what he says he is? Sometimes maintaining kayfabe simply isn't worth the effort.

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Think this is after a Jarrett victory and Skandor Akhbar is at ringside. Jarrett says that curiosity has got the better of him, and he wants Akhbar to tell him who this mystery partner is so that Jerry Lawler and he can find out who they are facing. Akhbar says that Jarrett must think he was born yesterday if he’s going to give him or any of these idiots information. He’s too smart for that! Jarrett then threatens to beat it out of him if he doesn’t tell him, then follows Akhbar into the ring. Percy asks Craig Johnson ‘to make it stop’, and when Jarrett has the General cornered he is jumped from behind by Gary Young. The two of them go at it, but two Jarrett dropkicks send Young flying out of the ring and he’s all alone with Akhbar again. He starts beating on him and has him set up for a piledriver when, from the back, comes Terry Taylor to make the save. The three of them triple team Jarrett while Pringle speculates as to whether he is the mystery partner. He then says that Jeff Jarrett needs a good beating, and no-one could call Terry Taylor a chicken! Percy is revelling in the beating that Jarrett is taking and Akhbar then confirms to him that Taylor is the mystery partner. On seeing who the partner is, he reckons that Jerry Lawler will now just cash in his plane ticket and won’t be coming back to Dallas! Taylor posts Jarrett and chokes him with the camera cables. A bunch of jobbers try to help but they can’t even get past the General. Spiked piledriver and finally Billy Joe Travis and, I think, Skip Young are out to put a stop to this.


Another one of those overly long beat downs that have been a staple of the 1990 Yearbook. What on earth was Billy Travis doing for so long and why wasn’t he out there sooner to help his partner? Terry Taylor looked great here and I’m quite excited to see him in the USWA. From memory I think he was in the NWA before the year was out so this is probably only a flying visit as he is passing through. Posts in a previous thread mention that he ended up no-showing the tag match so it was a quicker visit than I would have even imagined!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-18-USWA-Championship Sports] Jeff Jarrett and Devastation Inc.

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