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[1990-08-18-USWA-Championship Sports] Jerry Lawler, Devastation Inc. and Terry Taylor


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Lawler calls in to talk some trash to Terry Taylor. He makes a point of calling him the ex-Red Rooster, and says that he should have made it to the top of pro wrestling, as he had all the potential in the world, but people like Akbar are able to get inside his head.


Taylor, who seems motivated to cut a real promo for the first time in a few years, tears into Lawler.

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Lawler is reached on the phone, where he makes threats towards the "ex-Red Rooster." Lawler cuts what's almost a shoot promo about Taylor's squandered potential before tying it back into his aligning with Akbar. Taylor rebuts after Lawler hangs up, citing Lawler's jealousy and declaring that no one in the WWF could get rid of him, and neither will Lawler. Good promo from both guys. It's useless to pretend the Rooster stuff never happened, so you may as well pull the Band-Aid off and get it out there.

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Taylor's promo was nice, but no one can outtalk Lawler, who manages to take shots not only at Taylor and Ak, but a subtle jab at Bobby Heenan, as he talks about those who have gotten inside Taylor's head. Taylor's rebuttal has fire, but it doesn't really fit; Lawler's never been about his looks or chasing women, at least not on camera, and considering where Terry just came from and what he did there, he really doesn't have room to talk about winning matches either. Those who can barely squeak by Steve Lombardi shouldn't be throwing around win-loss records.


Apparently this all came to nothing, as Taylor didn't show up for the tag match the following week, according to a previous thread. Hmmm. I wonder who took his place?

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Jerry Lawler is on the phone while Devastation Inc. are in the Sportatorium with Craig Johnson. ‘The King’ says that he understands it’s a mystery no longer, Skandor Akhbar and Gary young have reached down to the bottom of the barrel and dug up the ex-Red Rooster, Terry Taylor, as their partner. Lawler says that he had all the potential in the world, all the talent and should have gone straight to the top of the sport, but somewhere along the way he got distracted. He tells him he made the mistake of his life when he signed on with Akhbar as he is a marked man, and his name is already on the bottom of what he calls a ‘death certificate’. He has some serious plans for Akhbar and anybody who follows along behind him; they are all wanted men and ‘The King’ is coming for them Friday night. Taylor says that he was just like Jerry Lawler, but he was jealous of him because he was better looking, a better wrestler and he won all the matches he wishes he could have. Now he gets on the telephone and tells everyone what a big tough wrestler he is, and that he’s going to take him out? Don’t make him laugh! Nobody in the WWF could do it and he’s no different. Jerry Lawler is the one who made his own bed, they’ve stretchered one out today and on Friday they’re stretchering out two!


Taylor was fired up here! Shame we don’t appear to be getting the tag match due to his no-showing of the card.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-18-USWA-Championship Sports] Jerry Lawler, Devastation Inc. and Terry Taylor

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