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[1990-08-25-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Interview: Four Horsemen


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Great hard-sell promo for the Clash. Not to sound like a broken record but it's great how Flair comes up with all these justifications for going after the U.S. title. First it was so he could get a title shot at Sting. That's still pushed here, but Flair also is out to turn the tables on Luger, who was constantly a thorn in his side challenging for his title and now he wants to do the same. Arn and Sid stand nearby.

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I'm honestly not noticing Flair's hair or his face very much at this point, so either I'm going blind or it's just not that big a deal.


Another great promo by Flair for the Clash match, and I can hear the glee in his voice as he vows to haunt Luger the way Luger haunted him while he was World champion. Other than Sid's not-so gentle fixing of JR's tie, the other Horsemen contribute nothing.


Where was Ole? He was getting as much mic time as Flair while Flair held the big belt, but now that Flair's taken a step backward he's nowhere to be found.

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Jim Ross is with Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious and he says that it’s showdown time at the Clash. Flair says showdown is right, and it’s the destiny of Lex Luger to be beaten for the U.S. title. Luger dogged him for two years, everywhere he went his name was on a contract for a World title match, this time the shoe is on the other foot! There’s a lot of bad blood between them, but at Clash of the Champions, Ric Flair will becomes the new United States Heavyweight champion, and if he has to beat Luger to get to Sting, so be it!


Typically great Flair interview in the lead up to a big show. Flair/Luger is a programme that probably shouldn’t care about or have any interest in. Due to Flair’s promos, I’m fully invested in it and want to see the match.

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Flair can sell me on just about anything I'm sure. No way I would have believed he could sell me a rematch with Luger for the U.S. belt is important, but Flair does it incredibly well. Imagine what he's be able to do with solid booking. Not that he's going to get that ever again in WCW.

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