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[1990-09-14-NWA-Power Hour] Louisville Slugger: Sid Vicious


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Corny's so excited that he sounds like he's talking up one of his own guys here. I guess since Arn and Flair weren't around to help out, it was up to him to do the heavy verbal lifting for Sid, who does well if he doesn't have to talk for too long.


It's a shame that this match was derailed by the Black Scorpion nonsense, if I recall correctly. It wasn't exactly a dream match, but it was certainly one that most fans were looking forward to seeing.

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Jim Cornette says how everyone has now seen what Sid Vicious did to Sting at the Clash of the Champions. The match had to be made, it was inevitable, but he took matters into his own hands and now its Sting vs Sid Vicious at Halloween Havoc for the World Heavyweight title. Sid says if Sting thinks what he did to him at the Clash was something, wait for Halloween Havoc, because he is going to walk out of there with the World title around his waist and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Cornette has no doubt he is stood beside the next World Heavyweight champion and Sting better be ready as Sid is coming to take that title.


It feels like the Louisville Slugger is on its last legs here as anyone, be it Jim Ross, Gordon Solie or whomever could have done this short interview. Long gone are the days when the Slugger was a sign you were going to witness an important angle or something.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-09-14-NWA-Power Hour] Louisville Slugger: Sid Vicious

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