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[1990-09-21-NWA-Power Hour] Lex Luger promo / Louisville Slugger: Stan Hansen


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Pedantic note, but I don't like having a backdrop conveniently backstage at what is ostensibly the Clash. Luger's promo is fantastic but it would have had more of an effect in a locker room proper.


Hansen drips tobacco everywhere, calling Luger a "prima donna, preppy puke." He's always been #1 (just ask his wife), he's not fighting for it. I really, really, REALLY love storylines built around the Top 10.

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I think the idea was for Hansen to look as sloppy as possible in contrast to Luger. That said, did we have to have that much tobacco juice around Stan's chin? It was getting nauseating to look at by the end.


Great promo from Hansen here, and he's got Corny scared to death. Normally, a line like Stan's "I've always been number one, just ask my wife!" would be the line of the segment, but the host steals the moment with his line as Hansen leaves: "I really need more money for this!"


Luger's as fired up as he's ever been; not even Flair and the Horsemen have ever gotten him this angry. It's nice to see, but I really wish he would have said "ass", even if it had to be bleeped; people as angry as he's supposed to be don't use the phrase "piece of my you-know-what", even if they know kids are watching.


Excellent stuff from all concerned.

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Jim Cornette says that Stan Hansen is the number five contender for the World Heavyweight title but he wants to be number one, and that’s why he wants Lex Luger who occupies that current position. Hansen attacked Lex at Clash of the Champions and that is replayed followed by a Luger promo taped after the match. Lex says Hansen had made some overtures before that he wants a piece of him, and he made his point real clear a few moments ago. He tells him that there is no fear in his eyes, just fire, and if he wants a piece of his U.S. title, if he wants a piece of him, come get it!


Back on the Slugger, and Cornette announces that the match has been signed for Halloween Havoc and Stan Hansen will have a U.S. title match against Lex Luger. Hansen with tobacco dripping down his face then joins Cornette. He says that he’s always been number one, he hasn’t been trying to get number one, he is number one! Lex Luger is a prima donna, a preppy puke and he, along with everything he stands for like rich clothes and nice cars, makes him sick! He’s going to get him at Halloween Havoc and then he’s going to go after Sting and get what is rightfully his. Cornette then says that he needs more money for this and he wouldn’t be Sting or Lex Luger for nothing!

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Luger really delivers and it's kinda strange for me to see Hansen cutting promos. He's not overly great, but gets the job done. I'd say he's better as a physical presence stomping around and menacing everyone in sight. Good way to hype the match though.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-09-21-NWA-Power Hour] Lex Luger promo / Louisville Slugger: Stan Hansen

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