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[1990-10-06-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] WCW Top Ten


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10. Master Blasters

9. Pillman & Zenk

8. Rotunda & Horner

7. Southern Boys

6. MX

5. Freebirds

4. Rock & Rolls

3. Nasty Boys

2. Flair & Arn

1. Steiners


Champions: DOOM


10. Windham

9. Landell

8. JYD

7. Taylor

6. Pillman

5. Arn

4. Flair

3. Hansen

2. Sid

1. Luger


Champion: STING


11 tag teams is impressive and would never happen in any promotion now.

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Forget ten tag teams; you could barely find ten truly worthy singles wrestlers today. Of course, JYD and Buddy Landell are stretching it a bit, but so is the team of Rotundo and Horner.


Indulging in a bit of Apter-ese here, shouldn't Arn be the automatic number two as the World TV champion? He does have a singles belt, after all.

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I'm trying to remember the kayfabe rules for the rankings, and obviously there weren't ever any real rules, but I seem to remember whenever the champ(s) would lose, they would drop to like 5 or 6, which might explain why the Midnights are low at this point, as they had lost the US titles, well, in August, that was a bit ago now.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-10-06-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] WCW Top Ten

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