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[1990-10-06-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Interview: Ric Flair & Arn Anderson


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I don't think a face turn was in the cards for Flair and Arn; there were still plenty of boos at the end of this segment. As long as Sid was threatening the Stinger, the Horsemen were heels no matter what else they did.


Arn's promo was very good, but it almost seems like Flair's in this feud to back Arn's play, rather than out of any desire to win the tag title himself. You can't really blame him, I suppose, and there was no other singles belt for him to go after with Hansen challenging Luger, but maybe Barry would have been better in this spot, and Flair could have managed Sid at Havoc just to get himself a payday. Either that or bring over a Japanese champion who'd be willing to wrestle Flair, but not beat him clean. Who was the ace in New Japan, which is the promotion WCW was dealing with over there at the time? I should know this, but we have plenty of good matches on these discs that don't necessarily have anything to do with who the champion of a given promotion is.

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