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[1990-10-08-UWF-TV] Steve Williams vs Dave Meltzer


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In 1991 Abrams was convinced (incorrectly) that Steve "Wild Thing" Ray was sleeping with his wife so he paid Steve Williams to break his nose.



On some level Vince's cycle of steroid induced paranoid delusions seem to balance out his cocaine induced paranoid delusions. The charm of Abrams UWF was that he was working with just half that cocktail.

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Let me guess: Herb Abrams was NOT a fan of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter


On a more serious note, Bruno's miles better on commentary here than he was at any point during the eighties for Vince. Granted, that was probably because Abrams knew almost nothing about wrestling by comparison, but Bruno's still more relaxed and calls the match like he actually gives a damn about Doc. The only problem I have is that he didn't give the Oklahoma Stampede its right name, but he was never the type to give gimmick names to holds, so I can see why calling a powerslam by any other name might not have occurred to him.


My favorite Abrams quote: "Steve's trying to send a message to Dr. Death!"


I actually remember this promotion as it existed in real time, so I'm curious to know how it holds up twenty-five years later. So far, so good (at least by Abrams' low standards).

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-10-08-UWF-TV] Steve Williams vs Dave Meltzer

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