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[1990-11-16-EMLL] The Animals vignette


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They sign autographs for children! They hang with elephants! LOS ANIMALES! Fear them!


I immediately pegged the smaller guy as Randy Culley, but apparently these are Eddie Watts and Chuck Walton. Yes, THE Eddie Watts and Chuck Walton.

Who were they? I've never heard of them.


This would have been better with a shot of the Animals locked up in a cage with the animals.

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I have no idea what the point of those two guys cutting their promo in English was. Couldn't they at least speak Spanish phonetically? Not that what they said in English was especially groundbreaking. They look and talk like two of Vince's Superstars jobbers who got lost on the way to a taping and ended up in a Mexican zoo for some reason.


I'd never heard of these guys before watching this segment, and after watching it, I know why.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-11-16-EMLL] The Animals vignette
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