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[1991-05-12-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Barber Shop: Jake Roberts


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Beefcake's no Paul Bearer--he sensitively asks Jake what it was like to be tied in the ropes while Earthquake "stomped a mud puddle" in Damian. How compassionate. Jake calls out hunters who go after animals who don't have guns of their own, then unleashes a new, bigger snake--Damian's big brother Lucifer. Beefcake gets a peek at him, but not us yet.

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For someone whom Vince probably felt obligated to give a job of some sort to after his accident, Beefcake's not too horrible. He needs to learn to stop enunciating like he's cutting a promo, but that will come with time. As long as he's paired with good talkers who have something to say, like Jake does here, he should be fine. I notice that most of his guests going forward will be faces, since he can't get anywhere near a physical confrontation due to the plates in his head. We'll see how that impacts the quality of the segment.


I like Jake's positive (though not for a moment upbeat) attitude in the wake of Damien's squashing. He's not going to roll over and let Quake squash him, no sir. He's got a bigger snake, one so big that Beefcake jumps a mile out of his skin when he sees him. Imagine what that could do to a man? After that reaction on your part, Brutus, why would we want to?


The stuff about hunted animals having guns gets right to the heart of the matter, like most of Jake's best stuff does; Quake wouldn't have dared squash Damien if Damien had been able to fight back. Simple, yet effective.


I've said this before, but it's kind of a shame that Jake will be turning soon. His character may be a natural heel, but if I'd been in his place I'm not sure if I'd have wanted to lose the insane face reactions I'd been getting for the past four years. Only Hogan and Warrior got consistently bigger ones (although Savage came close in '88).

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-05-12-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Barber Shop: Jake Roberts

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