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[1991-06-01-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler and Miss Texas


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Miss Texas gets in Lawler's face when he saves a jobber from being hung by a rope. Lawler and Texas have a shouting match, with Lawler telling her their rear ends will make her a Sunday face! She threatens to slap him, and he says if she does, she'll slap the taste out of his mouth. She slaps him ... and he slaps her. Well, ok. The announcers immediately start covering for Lawler, pointing out that he was provoked. Lawler was always a little too quick to attack women.

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Pretty good jaw jacking section between Texas and Lawler. Hangman just chills in the background. Lawler warns Texas that he will slap her and does just that. The angle made it look real bad as Texas goes down like a ton of bricks. The crowd of course pops huge at all of this.

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I have a hard time responding to this, because Lawler's actions are so obviously seen as not only appropriate, but necessary in the context of the larger Texas/Tennessee feud that to condemn him would be like condemning 1930's movies as wrong for showing smoking as glamorous. Women who interfered with men in a wrestling arena weren't seen as creatures worthy of protection, and thus deserved to get the hell beaten out of them if the men could do it; that's just the way things rolled. Would it happen today? I sure as hell hope not.


All of that said (and speaking just a tinge hypocritically), Papa ought to have known better than to do something like this after losing Dallas TV over man-on-woman violence, particularly with his top babyface as the aggressor. WMC couldn't have been too happy with this stuff appearing on their air, and with their chief meteorologist actually seeming to condone, or at least explain favorably, Lawler's actions.


If I'd been the general manager of Channel 5, I might have sat Dave down and told him that no matter what Jarrett may book, if it involves male/female violence, he is NOT to support the male in any way, shape, or form, even if it's Lawler and the crowd's going nuts. If Jarrett has a problem with this, he can call me at any time and we'll discuss it, and I can hopefully convince him to save this stuff for the (untaped) house shows. Jackie's sales job came dangerously close to making her an unintentional babyface, and it might have happened had anyone else but Lawler (or possibly Dundee) done the striking, which made the whole thing a thousand times worse.


On another topic, did you ever think you'd see the day when the cooler heads out to stop the King from committing mayhem were Eddie and Doug Gilbert? Talk about a bizarro world!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-06-01-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler and Miss Texas

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