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[1991-06-08-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Eric Embry / Carl Styles and Jerry Lawler


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Embry is out with Carl Stiles, and tells us hilariously that Miss Texas is going to teach Lawler some "etiquit". Lawler comes out and is ready to confront Embry about the weeks of trash talk, but Embry tries to back off. Carl Stiles ends up pulling Lawler off of Embry before he can throw a shot. Lawler introduces him to the King ... by slapping him in the mouth and throwing a few great punches. Embry bails. Lawler cuts a fired up promo, and while the USWA has been good in his absence, it's great to see him back in the mix.

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I was laughing with Embry talking about beating up Jarrett and Robert Fuller, making fun of Lawler for being in a wheelchair, Miss Texas, Tony Anthony and the Dirty White Girl and then he moves on to the Gilberts. Think he would have got the whole roster in but Lawler shows up in a kingly outfit. Of course after all the crap Embry has been saying about Lawler the first thing he says to Jerry’s face is “he ain’t got no beef with him.” Embry phony look on his face not knowing what Lawler was so made about was great. Good job not having them come to blows right away as Embry takes off.

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This wasn't bad at all for a first confrontation. Embry's the master psychologist as always, claiming that he has no beef with Lawler since he doesn't want to beat up a cripple, then throwing his partner/protégé Stiles to the wolves to save his own neck. Stiles looked like a whole bunch of nothing here, and I wonder if we'll even see him again. Lawler beats up both Stiles and the Texas Ranger at once to prove once and for all that he's ready to return, then promises to do the same thing to Embry, Prichard, or anyone else from Texas that he sees.


I'm nor sure if I like Dr. Tom being moved out of the main feud. Granted, Lawler/Embry is the big deal now, but Prichard would be a hell of a lot more effective as an interference runner than any other heel on the roster. I also don't recall seeing how Anthony turned or why they felt it was necessary. It seems like now that Lawler's back, this isn't about the Texans vs. the Tennesseeans as much as it is about Lawler and Embry one-on-one, and while that could be excellent, it robs the feud of a lot of its richness and unpredictability.


I don't think Embry talking about Miss Texas giving Lawler an "etiquit" lesson was a mere slip of the tongue. He can almost be as clever as guys like Piper and Flair when he wants to be. I just wish he didn't have to have his finger in every cotton-pickin' pie.

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I liked that particular line, thought it was pretty damn clever. My recollection is he even catches his "mistake" afterwards. I also loved the backpedaling. Lawler destroying 2 schmucks who happen to be allied with Embry is a great way to let everyone know the King is back.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-06-08-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Eric Embry / Carl Styles and Jerry Lawler

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