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[1991-06-15-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Ric Flair / Interview: Lex Luger


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Luger cut a post-match promo after the Clash match with Muta. He's ready to take on Flair, and this is a really good promo hyping up how much this title match means to him, and dare I say he actually makes this incarnation of Flair vs Luger seem special compared to the rest. That he could get over his chances at this point despite so much bad booking says a lot.


Then we cut to Flair cutting a promo after the Clash. He tells Luger he's the man who will make or break him. Luger touched on the history, and I wish Flair would have too. This should have been an epic build.

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Luger shows off how he had the Great Muta scouted and blocked the mist. Strong promo from Luger that somehow effectively hits the reset button on all the 379 other title shots Luger has had.


Flair's promo is Flair by numbers. I'm sort of torn on acknowledging the history fully. They probably should have, but on the other hand, the history mainly consists of Luger's Buffalo Bills act and "THIS time it'll be different!" sort of rings hollow since Capital Combat was supposed to be different, too.

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It's easy not to touch on the history when you're pretty sure that there isn't going to be a match. If I recall correctly, Flair had already decided not to drop the belt to Luger by now, and the firing process was getting started.


Luger outpromos Fair by a good margin here, which is difficult to do. I wasn't aware that they'd had a Luger/Muta match to determine the number one contender for the World title, and I wonder what would have happened if they'd decided to pull the trigger on a Muta reign in the wake of Flair's departure.


To Shoe's point, I'm not sure what other stip they could have used here. Maybe "I Quit", but how do you reconfigure that one once Windham has to sub for Flair? I'm sure Dusty knew that they'd already done a cage match on pay-per-view in '90. but so what? It wasn't on his watch, which meant that the slate was clean in his view.


Doing a mid-match turn like what happened in real life might have breathed some life into the whole thing, but I doubt Flair would have wanted to do it, and we'd have gotten the same old Horsemen DQ finish anyway. (If Flair would have stayed, I'm sure he would have demanded to remain champion if Luger was still his challenger here.)




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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-06-15-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Ric Flair / Interview: Lex Luger

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