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[1991-06-22-WWF-Superstars] Funeral Parlor: Big Bossman


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This made me want to see Bossman/Taker more than Bossman/Mountie, which I'm sure wasn't intentional. Taker would definitely be a better physical match for Bossman; as well as he's done with the Mountie character lately, Jacques is still Jacques, which means that Bossman should dominate a series between the two of them.


Bossman's always been one of the more literal WWF promos, in that his every word reinforces his character. The only guy who might have been worse in that regard was Terry Taylor as the Red Rooster. Remember all those godawful forced barnyard puns?


Percy's mugging is too noticeable for its own good. I realize that they're probably telling him at this point to go all-out in terms of being campy, but he's almost making his guests redundant by putting on his own silent show. Even Piper at his most obnoxious knew when to shut up and stand there so his guests could do what they were out there to do. Yet again, I'm wondering why we're being subjected to stuff like this while the greatest wrestling interviewer who ever was is trading kissing jokes with Savage in a Stamford studio.

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