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[1991-07-01-WWF-MSG, NY] Barber Shop: Randy Savage


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Savage was SO good during this time. He had his tough guy persona and he was trying to protect it, but he was in love and couldn't help himself. People kept asking him questions and putting him on the spot and it made him extremely nervous. He cracks me up when Beefcake asks him if he's in love with Elizabeth, then after stalling, he says he didn't hear the question. He finally says yes, then looks completely embarrassed. Finally, Beefcake asks if he plans to ask Elizabeth to marry him. He stalls a lot on this also, and finally says yes too.


Savage wants to know what he wins for asking four questions. Beefcake tells him he wins a free haircut! Hey, I've seen worse prizes on trivia night. He says if he asks Elizabeth to marry him, he wants to have the wedding in Madison Square Garden at Summerslam! Beefcake throws on the "Match Made In Heaven" tagline, and while this was a six-year love story that was one of the most remembered things about the time period and was about to culminate, it's still amazing they used it in a PPV headline position.

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Announcers talking up Berzeker’s big win. Beefcake needs to give himself a haircut. Brutus wants to asks some questions to Macho but only wants a yes or no answers. Putting Randy on the spot. Savage admits to loving Miss Elizabeth. He’s ready to ask her to marry him. Cracking up with Savage saying he answered the four questions correct. Savage wants to marry Miss Elizabeth at Summerslam in MSG. Nice sell of the next show.

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It's amazing how much they're getting out of this with only one of the two performers doing any of the work. If I'm not mistaken, after she accepts Randy's proposal on the 7/6 Superstars, we don't see Liz again until SummerSlam. It's a good thing Randy's as good as he is on the stick; if this had been the Uncle Elmer wedding, it could have been potentially the worst angle in WWF history, since Frazier was barely articulate.


I didn't like them using The Barber Shop for something that they obviously wanted to portray seriously. Don't get me wrong, The Funeral Parlor would have been a thousand times worse, and I doubt they could have done a live arena segment anyway, with all the special effects involved. Maybe they could have flown Okerlund in to do this, or used Finkel as a substitute. Even Piper's Pit wouldn't really have worked here, since most fans are conditioned to expect some sort of altercation in live segments like these. This really needed to be done by a non-performer in a more serious setting. If nothing else, use Gino, since he was sitting right there.


Bobby wasn't particularly offensive here, so Gino landing all over him felt a bit forced. These two don't really do their best interacting outside of the old Prime Time format, which of course is no more. Lord Alfred was only heard briefly, which may have been just as well.


For the record, the Berzerker's big win referenced at the top of the segment was a clean pin over Jimmy Snuka. That still meant something at the time, although Jimmy was used almost exclusively as a jobber to the stars by now.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-07-01-WWF-MSG, NY] Barber Shop: Randy Savage

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