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[1991-07-06-USWA-Memphis TV] Samu vs Rob Zakowski


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This is, of course, Sabu vs RVD. It's more basic, and thus a lot more competent, than most Sabu vs RVD.


RVD can't lose like that and wants a rematch. Eddie Marlin comes out and obliges his request. Intentional or not, it is funny how Dave Brown and Eddie Marlin sort of treat him like a petulant child.

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Sabu actually doesn't look too good here but RVD has a nice array of crowd-pleasing spots and cool counters. Zakowski dominates, but Judge Dread costs RVD the match and Sabu wins with his feet on the ropes--Memphis! Yeah, Dave is pretty patronizing when Rob demands a rematch, but he's sort of justified too.

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I don't know that they were patronizing Van Dam as much as they were using him to explain how the process of getting matches signed is supposed to work. With all the angry challenges being thrown out and accepted on these programs, it's easy for fans to forget sometimes that matches are supposed (note the italics) to be legally agreed to and then signed by matchmakers like Marlin. Only big stars like Lawler and Embry can demand matches during their interview time. At least that's one explanation.


The match itself wasn't much, as others have said, but it's nice to see where Sabu and RVD came from, which was a lot saner place than they ended up. One problem: Either I went blind toward the end of the match or we completely missed Judge Dredd's interference, because I don't think the camera caught it. After all these years, you wouldn't think missing key spots like that would be an issue for any company, let alone one as experienced as Jarrett Promotions.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-07-06-USWA-Memphis TV] Samu vs Rob Zakowski

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