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[1991-07-06-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Eric Embry


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Things apparently didn't go well for Jackie Fargo last Monday night in a tag match against Embry & Leatherface. Embry comes out with a yellow rose of Texas for Fargo, just to rib things in. Now Embry has a lumberjack match against Jerry Lawler, but Dr. Tom Prichard will be the lone heel lumberjack along with 4 or 5 babyfaces. Embry throws a fit. That coupled with his promise to get Eddie Marlin back for his $3,000 fine leads me to believe there's some big trouble ahead.

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Every once in a while, there's a situation in wrestling that's designed to make fans think that maybe, just maybe, the heels have a point. This is one of them, as Embry has to deal with four face lumberjacks in his upcoming match with Lawler, while Lawler only has to worry about Prichard. Of course, there's absolutely no sympathy for Embry whatsoever, and that drives him so crazy that some poor defenseless soul is about to pay dearly for it. I like the yellow rose for Fargo too, and three thousand dollars for a fine may not mean much in most places by 1991, but I'd imagine it's still a pretty big deal in an admittedly small territory like Memphis.


I wouldn't be surprised if additional lumberjacks were scared up from somewhere to make the sides a bit more even; as much as the fans want to see Embry get his (and with good reason), this setup's just too good to be true.


I liked Embry paying Fargo a little (very little) respect during the interview. He admits that he grew up hearing about how good Fargo was, but I thought he was from Florida in real life. Did Jackie's reputation really stretch down that far?

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