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[1991-07-27-WWF-Superstars] Skinner vignette


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This is Mr. Steven Keirn, Florida by way of Memphis. He cannot be seen. Now, I'm going to ask Mr. Keirn to come out and cut a wrestling promo. Mr. Keirn, would you stand up please? *BANG*


Python referencing aside, these vignettes can get old even when DiBiase and IRS and Rude are the ones doing them. As good as Keirn was on the stick in Memphis it doesn't seem like he's as comfortable in character as they were. At the risk of having to dodge some tomatoes, this gimmick seems dead in the water.

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They're having the same problem they had with Rotundo: all Keirn's been doing are these short vignettes, and in only one of them has he mentioned anything connected with wrestling. I'll say it again: No one who doesn't already recognize Keirn would take Skinner for a wrestler, and a lot of those fans are probably wondering when an episode of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom took over their TVs.


They need to do two things ASAP: 1) Get Keirn in the ring and 2) Get that awful-looking tobacco out of his mouth. Brown spittle's disgusting enough, but when he starts spitting stuff that's as green as Muta's mist like he did here, that's a whole new level of sickening.

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So what is more grating, the endless WCW Black Bart/Dutch vignettes or these endless WWF vignettes that seemingly have nothing to do with wrestling. Also, why do all of these people with other professions have need of a wrestling career so badly? Is skinning not as profitable as Keirns had hoped?

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