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[1991-07-27-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Tom Prichard & Eric Embry


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Embry is out to complain right away about the deck being stacked against him. I guess the famous COUSIN HAROLD has been allowed into the match, and Eddie Marlin will be the special referee. Embry refuses to have the match like it's signed, and says either Marlin withdraws himself as referee, or Marlin can just fire him. Marlin ends up pulling himself from the match. Why even put him in in the first place? All this before the match.


This looks like an expiration of time match we didn't get the first segment of, but the action here isn't as good as you would think. Dundee is worked over as FIP and they do a great job building to the hot tag, but Lawler messes up Dundee's roll spot by coming in too early, so the hot tag gets no pop. Weird.

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In the span of one episode of TV we get a match booked between the DWB & Cousin Harold against Embry & Prichard with Marlin as the guest referee, but when Embry puts up an ultimatum for Marlin to either back out or fire him, Marlin relents. Well, that was pointless. That leads to a continuation of the expiration-of-time main event, which seems like a pretty big match to put on television. Naturally it's a non-finish as they brawl to a DCOR.

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Dundee is sporting a horrible haircut. I was cracking up with Embry spit at Lawler who then charged into the ring to get at Eric. Lawler leaped into the air but Neighbors tried to block his path and caught him in the air! Embry seems to be incorporating the headbutt more.

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I haven't seen the Cousin Harold stuff yet, so I'll withhold comment on it.


As for the match, it felt like a match you'd get on Superstars, which means short and with no finish to protect the house show gate. Seriously, did anyone expect one of these guys to do anything even approaching a job on TV when this match hasn't hit the arenas yet? Embry and Prichard work over Dundee quite nicely, and Lawler's so eager to get in and stop it that he's caught in the air by Paul Neighbors once and then just charges in before Dundee can tag him, which leads to a brawl on the outside and a double countout. I wish we'd have gotten the first fall; was it shown or did whoever put the disc together simply forget to include it?


Nice job by Dave and Michael putting over Embry and Prichard as a team. According to them, the Texans could be a good tag team if only they followed the rules. There's something so seventies about that attitude, particularly since they'd probably have no reason to team if they weren't breaking the rules and making common enemies along the way. Still, it's refreshing to see a plea for old-fashioned virtue in a sport where virtue of any sort is rapidly becoming extinct.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-07-27-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Tom Prichard & Eric Embry

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