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[1991-08-17-USWA-Memphis TV] Bill Dundee and Danny Davis


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Shades of gray! Both guys come off as reasonable even when they're slapfighting each other. After some controversial finishes and Light Heavyweight title switches, Dundee challenges Davis to a match with no pinfalls--submission or KO only. Davis in a suit with his facepaint on is a spectacular look.

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This has been a really well tempered feud slowly escalating each week but still hasn't completely blowed over into hatred yet. Dundee is able to chronicle everything that has transpired and the reason for why the upcoming submission match is happening. I have no idea where Davis was headed looking like that but it was sharp.

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The image of Dave Brown actually becoming physically involved in breaking up a shoving match is enough to make this a classic, and Dundee and Davis may be the only two guys in the territory that he could break up successfully. The feud itself seems like a rather daring piece of booking for 1991 Memphis, as there are no real heel turns involved (at least not yet), but still plenty of heat. I have yet to watch the match that started it all, but I'm looking forward to seeing it soon. These two seem like a good matchup.


I had to laugh when Bill said that he'd never suckerpunched Lawler. Bill, if you keep telling fibs like that your nose is going to end up bigger than your waist. Even Dave rolled his eyes at that one, and I'll bet he had a lot of company in the audience, both at home and in the studio.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-17-USWA-Memphis TV] Bill Dundee and Danny Davis

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