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[1991-08-31-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantel


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The Dragon Master, whose height has grown every time he has been mentioned, has won the USWA title. This Monday night, Dutch Mantell will sit next to Christopher Love at ringside to keep him from interfering. He pokes fun at himself, saying he looked all over WCW and couldn't find him, and asks anyone who knows where he is to write the Memphis studio. Hilarious!

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The Dragon Master is the new Unified World Champion, but hey, let's see Lawler plug a karate school first. Only the King could pull that off. It may or may not be telling that Lawler only describes the finish instead of us seeing it. Lawler brings in Dutch Mantell to act as ringside enforcer to prevent future Christopher Love interference--hearty ovation for the Dutchman and Dave Brown is enjoying this a little too much. "Have you seen Stan Hansen?" Ha! Mantell makes some homophobic cracks towards Love and fears having to touch him, but offers to knock Love out so long as Lawler helps him find Stan Hansen. If Hansen were to actually make a return to the territory, then that would perhaps be the greatest payoff in wrestling history.

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It's great to see the Dutchman back where he belongs. I could have done without the homophobic cracks, but from what I've seen of Christopher Love, you can't not make gay jokes about him, especially if you're quick on your feet like Lawler and Dutch.


I thought the Stan Hansen routine was well-played, but they really need to avoid dragging it out unless Stan's actually coming back to Memphis, which is even less likely than his returning to WCW.


I liked the plug Lawler gave the karate school; he's as much a community ambassador as he is a wrestler, and he not only understands that role like few others in the business, he embraces it.


The Missing in Plain Sight Award goes to Michael St. John, who's been nothing but a hood ornament lately. I'm surprised that he doesn't at least do an occasional interview, especially considering that he wasn't all that bad down in Dallas at both interviews and play-by-play (if you forgive the occasional mangling of the language beyond recognition).

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Dutch doing the Stan Hansen routine cracked me up. Stan had a sense of humor so maybe if they talked to him and just had him show up for a few minutes to pay it off for a couple hundred bucks it might have worked. Either way I thought this way of playing it off was far better than any of the WCW mini-series Westerns. Memphis is really struggling for compelling stories over the last few weeks if what we have seen is any indication.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-31-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantel

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