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[1991-09-08-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Barber Shop: Ted DiBiase & Sensational Sherri


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Pretty much a by-the-numbers promo from Teddy. He whines about the officiating, as expected, and delivers a lot of money-based analogies that anyone in the audience could have written for him by now. Sherri says diddly squat, and is probably wishing she was somewhere where she could actually contribute to the goings-on. Our humble host does his usual pot-stirring, which again shows why he should only have either faces or people who can't hurt him as guests. After his crack about Teddy's money heading south with Virgil, the next logical thing for Teddy to do would be to at least threaten to smear his face all over the set, but since Beefcake's injury was legit and everyone knew it, he couldn't. It could be worse, I guess; we could be getting Rogers' Corner reruns.


Maybe I'm just getting bored with the Million Dollar Man as a character; after being a legit threat to the World title most of the time since the start of his run, he's now midcard with no hope of resurrection, at least in singles. Maybe now would have been a good time for him to try WCW; he could still go, and I think a Sting/Teddy series for the US belt had some possibilities.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-09-08-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Barber Shop: Ted DiBiase & Sensational Sherri

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